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Chicago man murdered, dumped body of girlfriend’s 1-year-old toddlerdmot

ImageA Chicago man beat and battered his girlfriend’s 19-month-old toddler to death Sunday before dumping the girl’s little body in a suburban park, police said Wednesday. James Harris, 23, had been in police custody since after 5 p.m. Sunday, when his girlfriend, Jocelyn Roberson, reported her daughter missing. The girl died of head trauma. Harris is charged with murder. 

ImageJames Harris was left with the 19 mnoth old baby when his girlfriend Jocelyn left for work and the grandmother left the baby with the boyfriend. James had no logic reason for killing the baby at all. She was found in a dumper in Riverdale and the grandmother was devastated.  After the missing report, cops combed the neighborhood looking for the girl. Harris originally told authorities he’d set the girl down briefly and then turned around to find her missing. James has a daughter of his own but he is never around her.

According to the news the mother says

“We are just drained and we keep breaking down (emotionally),”Ameriah’s aunt Tamicka Vauhn told the news paper “Our hearts are so heavy. That was our baby and she was a happy baby. I can’t see why he would do this. No kid deserved that.”

They never gave James Harris a direct sentence, the news just says that he is in custody. I give my condolence to 19 month old Ameirah’s family. 



Black Youth Project

ImageBehavior upon Black Youth in today’s society is very much similar towards one another. Black Youth may not see or even understand the similar qualities we all have but they are absolutely there. Cathy Cohen’s methodology was very correct in ever shape, form, and fashion. The attitudes and behavior she wrote about black youth is very much accurate. As far as race, abortion, Political issues, gender issues etc… everything made complete sense and actually opened my eyes a little. Cathy Cohen enlightened me about things I never looked at in a certain way or never bothered to look or understand.

“What concerns me having a job and living? Will I be alive?… It’s [a] very tough struggle because the United States isn’t a fair country.” -21-year-old Black male. Well is this true? Is basically what they wanted to know, and it is very much so in my opinion. Black Youth doesn’t really have a fair chance when it comes to getting employed. Do you do drugs? Are you a gang banger? Have you ever committed a murder? Black youth [males] have to go through tribes and tribulations before getting a decent job. Where is the equality in these types of situations?

“When you grow up in poor neighborhoods and you see these drug dealers, or even gangbangers, with these nice cars and everything all this jewelry, you know how they’re getting it. And you know that’s an easy way for you to get it. There for you get it, you get into that [drug dealing] so you can have the money. And a lot of them do it so that way their parents don’t have to work so much.” – 24-years-old-Black female. This one quote summarizes black youth in ALL of the communities around me today. Always trying to find an easy way out of things, refusing to actually continue to look for a job because they gave up on life and “drug money” buys you what you want. How smart is that? Is it really the easy way out? When Black Youth put their self in these types of situations it creates greater conflict. They have to watch out for certain things and “Keep Up with the Jones” [stay on top]. You also can’t do certain things and try your best to protect yourself and your family if you have one. Street life is not where you want to be.

“In the videos, I dislike the way they objectify women. I think if you were just to watch music videos and never have met a Black person in your life, you probably would think ill of black people all altogether… White people probably think that Black people don’t care about anything but sex and selling drugs and partying all the time. I mean, that’s the imagines you get from rap music videos, pretty much.” -17-year-old Black female. Music videos have a very HUGE role in the images they depict in music videos. Why are the females always naked or shaking something? Why cant there be a classy lady showing off how educated she is instead of showing her boobs? Why cant there be more music videos family oriented? Oh because of population of Black Youth agree with the music videos that are being release because half of the things they’re doing in the videos very much relate to what some individuals are doing today. It’s become sad to say that our population of Black Youth minds are corrupt filled with the gruesome images they show.

“I don’t think that [racism will be eliminated] because racism is taught from parent to child, from parent to child. That’s something that’s carried down. So, it could be [eliminated] I hope that it would be. But I don’t think that it would be.” -18-year-old Black female. Racism is something that will just STICK is something that many believe. But it can very much be eliminated and toss away forever if it weren’t for simple minded individuals, But also you can’t really blame someone for being racist towards certain black individuals. Niggers? Yes, that is what some of Black Youth act as [simple, wild, shiftless, stupid, dirty, and useless]. Yes, some black youth act as Niggers.

“Abortion is a very personal issue. I think people should be able to make their own decisions.” -19-year-old Black female. Abortion is very personal and what you do is also very personal as well. But why would someone lie down and make a child if you know that you cannot take care of a child? There are different situations for people, who get pregnant, and some aren’t always by choice, but there are always different alternatives when it comes to a child. Black Youth are so quick to job towards abortions and feel that it’s okay, but did your mother kill you?

Gender issue also plays a huge role in Black Youth. “I don’t think [men and women] should have different roles or tasks; they should be able to do both jobs completely and thoroughly, so that way there’s never any dependency. Because then it changes the foundation of the relation [from] being a loving relation to a relationship that “I need you here because without you, I couldn’t survive.” -24-year-old Black Woman. It’s simple; you don’t NEED a man to be complete. A lot of Blacks in our society don’t know how to be independent and always need that sense of comfort. But that teaches nothing to “Black Youth”. If you see your mother relying on a man you may feel you “NEED” a man as well.

In a sense Black Youth is recycled they do what they see their parents did in the pass. They act upon what they see. Black Youth don’t always see the important things in life or maybe don’t really care. The accusations are correct, they’re accurate they basically tell it all. WE as black youth do nothing to change the image and perceptions that people have upon us and most believe that it’s okay or it doesn’t matter what people think about them. IT DOES! Image is everything in certain situations. Do you want to be look at as [simple, wild, shiftless, stupid, dirty, and useless] Niggers?


A bullet to the head, motivation to the heart



Orlando Antigua to the human eye seems to be just another ordinary adult male. But once you find out his story you see that there isn’t ANYTHING normal about him. Orlando Antingua shouldn’t be alive today being the assistant coach beside John Calipari for Kentucky. Orlando Antigua is from the Bronx and  was 15 years old when he was shot in the head due to an egg being thrown by a fellow peer. Antigua was shot 3cm away from his eye which could have caused his to be blind or dead. When Antigua was shot near his eye it was on Halloween, which explains why the eggs were being thrown. He was hit in the head with a night stick by a policeman just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Antigua didn’t hesitate to jump into the ambulance when they arrived and he instantly thought about his mom and ask for them to tell her he’s not dead. He kept repeating these four words to himself “Don’t close your eyes.” It was basically his motto to keep himself alive.

20 years later Orlando Antigua assisted John Calipari in coaching at Memphis but later followed Calipari to Kentucky. Antigua and Calipari have very different styles of coaching. Calipari is a very hard/strict coach while Antigua is the polar opposite. The players seem to favor Antigua over Calipari because of his enthusiastic personality. However, the players know little to nothing about coach Antigua and coach Antigua like to keep it that way. “I pick my spot,” Antigua says. “Everyone has hardships. This is the hand I was dealt.” Antigua adds.

Antigua was the first Latin Harlem Globetrotter  and before he became a Harlem Globetrotter he played at St. Raymond and earn a scholarship to Pitt. His nickname was “The Hurricane” and he became the face of the Globetrotters. He gave motivational speeches to communities in every city. Antigua played for 7.5 years in 49 countries and remained undefeated until 2002 when he retired.

Chiraq by Will Robson-Scott

4,265 US citizens have been killed in Chicago since 2001. This 2.5 times more that in the Afghanistan war zone. (Will Robson- Scott)

In this video Chi Raq a lot of individuals had a lot of different things to say because each person had a really personal/emotional feeling towards the subject. Chicago was always a violent city. Nobody cares and “Nigga’s do whatever the fuck the want,” according to one individual in the youtube video. A young individual who has been a gang member almost his entire life said the “Music has a lot to do with violence, the rappers that we have now were once gang members before they became known. Examples: Chief Keef, King Louie, Lil Durk, Spenzo etc.. This is how our city is designed you’re either gonna be something or nothing”.

The men in this video believe that they’ve took the structure of Chicago away and developed what one man called “The systematic uproar” and put a glitch in their computer chip when they took away all of the chief gang members. Now they’re either in jail or dead, which was the systematic down fall. The structure is completely dead, taken away their homes, their projects, and everything they had to called their own angered them, so they began to kill of each other. Blacks have worked so hard to where they need to be to become diverse but whenyou have different hoods and differents gangs such as: BD, GD, Vise Lords etc.. thats putting diversion amoung yourself and your race. Seperate yeah, but Equal? We’re creating a class rank amoung our own race. This is an accurate account of what hip-hop is in Chicago.

This video seems to have a sympathetic tone. The black and white also adds to the sympathetic thought of the video. One man in the document said that in Chicago you don’t get to enjoy life, you just try to survive, and violence will find you wherever you are. There were several women in this document that came to say that they have lost a love one in the streets due to the act of violence. The first thing that they would say was “Why him, he wasn’t a bad kid, he didn’t gang bang, he tried his best to stay out of trouble.” but what they don’t know is that, that person who died only tells you what  they want you to  know. Of course if I shoot someone i’m not gonna tell you, if i were a bully why would I let you know? There could have been plenty of things that their family wasn’t aware of before they passed. According to CNN news over 50% of black kids die due to gang violence and those kids are the ones who are on the news and their parents are saying they didn’t do anything or that they were a good child who didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Life expectancy in Chicago goes down daily. A man in the video spoke about how he felt and there were some truths to the things that he was saying. He states that “The life expectancy in the hood of Chicago is no longer than 25 years of age, caskets are getting much shorter, meaning kids are dying too.” Most believe that when you’re at the age range of 13-20 plus and your’e a black male in Chicago, there’s two places you could be, either jail or the Mount Hope Cemetery. This proves the lack of hope that individuals have in the hood of Chicago, IL.

Fast money has molded into so many people that it’s all they know. Get money, get money, get money. So many African Americans has turn themselves into savages that its making our world, our city, our home corrupt. A man said “If heavens up there, this cant be nothing but hell. Ain’t no love in the heart of this city.” but that’s only because we make it this way. People have made Chicago out to  such a violent place that no one wants to visit, no one wasn’t to tour, no one wants to help and no one even cares. But hey, who can we blame? This is CHI RAQ remember?

Who is Rebecca Sedwick?

Rebecca sedwick

Rebecca Sedwick was a 12 year old girl from Winterhaven, Florida who committed suicide for being bullied. (CNN News) The Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Monday arrested charged two middle school students with felony aggravated stalking–or cyberbullying–in connection with the suicide of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick in Lakeland on September 10, 2013. Katelyn Roman, 12, and Guadalupe Shaw, 14, are accused of repeatedly and maliciously harassing Sedwick. Rebecca Sedwick not only killed herself but also warned many before killing herself. Rebecca told two students at her former school “I’m killing myself, I can’t take this anymore.” Says CNN news. Rebecca’s death went worldwide after she killed herself by climbing a tower on an abandoned cement plant in North Lakeland. Before she committed suicide she actually went missing on September 9th 2013. Rebecca had multiple attempts of suicide including cutting her wrist, before actually commiting suicide.

“Rebecca became one of the youngest members of a growing list of children and teenagers apparently driven to suicide, at least in part, after being maligned, threatened and taunted online, mostly through a new collection of texting and photo-sharing cellphone applications. Her suicide raises new questions about the proliferation and popularity of these applications and Web sites among children and the ability of parents to keep up with their children’s online relationships.” (

All three girls attended Crystal Lake Middle School at the time of the alleged stalking. Several student from school said that they have actually witnessed Rebecca Sedwick being bullied by the two young ladies months ago and thought that it should stop. Rebecca transferred schools in the hope of the bulling to stop but it just transferred from physical bulling to cyber-bulling. 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw was upset that Rebecca Sedwick had a relationship with her ex boyfriend and recruited others to help her bully Rebecca Sedwick. (CNN NEWS) 12 year old Katelyn Roman told Rebecca Sedwick prior to her death “Kill yourself, drink bleach.” says ABC news and later after Rebecca Sedwicks’ suicide was commited 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw later post on  Facebook “I know that I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself, but IDGAF.” according to CNN news. Was this misunderstanding between 2 young ladies necessary and cause someones death? Is something that most people are wondering.

Will this account open others eyes in the attempt of doing the same thing?

Will the young girls ever feel remorse?

Was there an easier way out for Rebecca Sedwick?

There has being plenty of different accounts regarding to bulling. It is devilish and foolishly wrong. I personally agree that anyone that is a BULLY should be punished for their actions. YES, it’s really that necessary.

Montana teacher Serves 1 Month sentence for raping 14 year old Student

Montana teacher serves 1 month sentence for raping student, 14 year old Cherice Moralez who later committed suicide.
Although Stacey Dean Rambold is on probation for the next 14 years and 11 months, he’s technically still a free man. Is that exactly fair? Should a ravisher become a free individual after only serving 31 days behind bars?
Stacey Rambold’s only restrictions include not going to places where children congregate and not having a cell phone with photo, video or internet capabilities. Cherice Morales was raped in 2008 before committing suicide and also before trial.
Her mother says… “I hope I don’t see him, that would be horrible,” she said “I didn’t see him for the first six years. I didn’t see him until the courtroom.” But she says that someday she hopes she will be able to forgive him. “I could be miserable for the rest of my life,” she said, “but that wouldn’t do my other kids any good.”

The judge who gave Stacey Rambold the okay to be released from prison after 31 days later apologized for making a smart remark to the Moralez family. People are shocked and angry with the judges (Baugh) remarks and are working hard to get him out of office for his foolish behavior. Protestors claim “Baugh isn’t worthy of serving a high position to be a judge in the courtroom if he is now releasing convicts!”
They’re not giving up. The family, friends, and even outsiders want JUSTICE for Cherice Moralez, and won’t give up until justice is served. Halon (the mother) said…
“The pain of my daughter’s death hasn’t faded. I think we just get use to it so we don’t cry everyday,” she said, but the tears still came.