Chicago man murdered, dumped body of girlfriend’s 1-year-old toddlerdmot

ImageA Chicago man beat and battered his girlfriend’s 19-month-old toddler to death Sunday before dumping the girl’s little body in a suburban park, police said Wednesday. James Harris, 23, had been in police custody since after 5 p.m. Sunday, when his girlfriend, Jocelyn Roberson, reported her daughter missing. The girl died of head trauma. Harris is charged with murder. 

ImageJames Harris was left with the 19 mnoth old baby when his girlfriend Jocelyn left for work and the grandmother left the baby with the boyfriend. James had no logic reason for killing the baby at all. She was found in a dumper in Riverdale and the grandmother was devastated.  After the missing report, cops combed the neighborhood looking for the girl. Harris originally told authorities he’d set the girl down briefly and then turned around to find her missing. James has a daughter of his own but he is never around her.

According to the news the mother says

“We are just drained and we keep breaking down (emotionally),”Ameriah’s aunt Tamicka Vauhn told the news paper “Our hearts are so heavy. That was our baby and she was a happy baby. I can’t see why he would do this. No kid deserved that.”

They never gave James Harris a direct sentence, the news just says that he is in custody. I give my condolence to 19 month old Ameirah’s family. 



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