A bullet to the head, motivation to the heart



Orlando Antigua to the human eye seems to be just another ordinary adult male. But once you find out his story you see that there isn’t ANYTHING normal about him. Orlando Antingua shouldn’t be alive today being the assistant coach beside John Calipari for Kentucky. Orlando Antigua is from the Bronx and  was 15 years old when he was shot in the head due to an egg being thrown by a fellow peer. Antigua was shot 3cm away from his eye which could have caused his to be blind or dead. When Antigua was shot near his eye it was on Halloween, which explains why the eggs were being thrown. He was hit in the head with a night stick by a policeman just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Antigua didn’t hesitate to jump into the ambulance when they arrived and he instantly thought about his mom and ask for them to tell her he’s not dead. He kept repeating these four words to himself “Don’t close your eyes.” It was basically his motto to keep himself alive.

20 years later Orlando Antigua assisted John Calipari in coaching at Memphis but later followed Calipari to Kentucky. Antigua and Calipari have very different styles of coaching. Calipari is a very hard/strict coach while Antigua is the polar opposite. The players seem to favor Antigua over Calipari because of his enthusiastic personality. However, the players know little to nothing about coach Antigua and coach Antigua like to keep it that way. “I pick my spot,” Antigua says. “Everyone has hardships. This is the hand I was dealt.” Antigua adds.

Antigua was the first Latin Harlem Globetrotter  and before he became a Harlem Globetrotter he played at St. Raymond and earn a scholarship to Pitt. His nickname was “The Hurricane” and he became the face of the Globetrotters. He gave motivational speeches to communities in every city. Antigua played for 7.5 years in 49 countries and remained undefeated until 2002 when he retired.


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