Chiraq by Will Robson-Scott

4,265 US citizens have been killed in Chicago since 2001. This 2.5 times more that in the Afghanistan war zone. (Will Robson- Scott)

In this video Chi Raq a lot of individuals had a lot of different things to say because each person had a really personal/emotional feeling towards the subject. Chicago was always a violent city. Nobody cares and “Nigga’s do whatever the fuck the want,” according to one individual in the youtube video. A young individual who has been a gang member almost his entire life said the “Music has a lot to do with violence, the rappers that we have now were once gang members before they became known. Examples: Chief Keef, King Louie, Lil Durk, Spenzo etc.. This is how our city is designed you’re either gonna be something or nothing”.

The men in this video believe that they’ve took the structure of Chicago away and developed what one man called “The systematic uproar” and put a glitch in their computer chip when they took away all of the chief gang members. Now they’re either in jail or dead, which was the systematic down fall. The structure is completely dead, taken away their homes, their projects, and everything they had to called their own angered them, so they began to kill of each other. Blacks have worked so hard to where they need to be to become diverse but whenyou have different hoods and differents gangs such as: BD, GD, Vise Lords etc.. thats putting diversion amoung yourself and your race. Seperate yeah, but Equal? We’re creating a class rank amoung our own race. This is an accurate account of what hip-hop is in Chicago.

This video seems to have a sympathetic tone. The black and white also adds to the sympathetic thought of the video. One man in the document said that in Chicago you don’t get to enjoy life, you just try to survive, and violence will find you wherever you are. There were several women in this document that came to say that they have lost a love one in the streets due to the act of violence. The first thing that they would say was “Why him, he wasn’t a bad kid, he didn’t gang bang, he tried his best to stay out of trouble.” but what they don’t know is that, that person who died only tells you what  they want you to  know. Of course if I shoot someone i’m not gonna tell you, if i were a bully why would I let you know? There could have been plenty of things that their family wasn’t aware of before they passed. According to CNN news over 50% of black kids die due to gang violence and those kids are the ones who are on the news and their parents are saying they didn’t do anything or that they were a good child who didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Life expectancy in Chicago goes down daily. A man in the video spoke about how he felt and there were some truths to the things that he was saying. He states that “The life expectancy in the hood of Chicago is no longer than 25 years of age, caskets are getting much shorter, meaning kids are dying too.” Most believe that when you’re at the age range of 13-20 plus and your’e a black male in Chicago, there’s two places you could be, either jail or the Mount Hope Cemetery. This proves the lack of hope that individuals have in the hood of Chicago, IL.

Fast money has molded into so many people that it’s all they know. Get money, get money, get money. So many African Americans has turn themselves into savages that its making our world, our city, our home corrupt. A man said “If heavens up there, this cant be nothing but hell. Ain’t no love in the heart of this city.” but that’s only because we make it this way. People have made Chicago out to  such a violent place that no one wants to visit, no one wasn’t to tour, no one wants to help and no one even cares. But hey, who can we blame? This is CHI RAQ remember?


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