Who is Rebecca Sedwick?

Rebecca sedwick

Rebecca Sedwick was a 12 year old girl from Winterhaven, Florida who committed suicide for being bullied. (CNN News) The Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Monday arrested charged two middle school students with felony aggravated stalking–or cyberbullying–in connection with the suicide of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick in Lakeland on September 10, 2013. Katelyn Roman, 12, and Guadalupe Shaw, 14, are accused of repeatedly and maliciously harassing Sedwick. Rebecca Sedwick not only killed herself but also warned many before killing herself. Rebecca told two students at her former school “I’m killing myself, I can’t take this anymore.” Says CNN news. Rebecca’s death went worldwide after she killed herself by climbing a tower on an abandoned cement plant in North Lakeland. Before she committed suicide she actually went missing on September 9th 2013. Rebecca had multiple attempts of suicide including cutting her wrist, before actually commiting suicide.

“Rebecca became one of the youngest members of a growing list of children and teenagers apparently driven to suicide, at least in part, after being maligned, threatened and taunted online, mostly through a new collection of texting and photo-sharing cellphone applications. Her suicide raises new questions about the proliferation and popularity of these applications and Web sites among children and the ability of parents to keep up with their children’s online relationships.” (Flagerlive.com)

All three girls attended Crystal Lake Middle School at the time of the alleged stalking. Several student from school said that they have actually witnessed Rebecca Sedwick being bullied by the two young ladies months ago and thought that it should stop. Rebecca transferred schools in the hope of the bulling to stop but it just transferred from physical bulling to cyber-bulling. 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw was upset that Rebecca Sedwick had a relationship with her ex boyfriend and recruited others to help her bully Rebecca Sedwick. (CNN NEWS) 12 year old Katelyn Roman told Rebecca Sedwick prior to her death “Kill yourself, drink bleach.” says ABC news and later after Rebecca Sedwicks’ suicide was commited 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw later post on  Facebook “I know that I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself, but IDGAF.” according to CNN news. Was this misunderstanding between 2 young ladies necessary and cause someones death? Is something that most people are wondering.

Will this account open others eyes in the attempt of doing the same thing?

Will the young girls ever feel remorse?

Was there an easier way out for Rebecca Sedwick?

There has being plenty of different accounts regarding to bulling. It is devilish and foolishly wrong. I personally agree that anyone that is a BULLY should be punished for their actions. YES, it’s really that necessary.



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