Mikeya Hardin

Breaking News

Hi, today it is now September 9, 2013 there has been a 16 year old name by the name of “Destiny Crawford” who has been missing since August 30th, 2013. It had been 10 days since Destiny has been missing and there has been no news reports on not one single news channel. Destiny’s mother “Melissa Crawford” has been desperately trying to seek attention via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to let people know that her child is missing. The news has not said anything about Destiny, could it be a racial issue?
There has been many complaints on Instagram by concerned teens wondering why Destiny’s face hasn’t yet to appear on the news channels. Destiny’s picture went viral on the Internet… But still no news report, even I have started to get worried.
The 16 year old girls has what they call kinky braids, light skin, 5’4″ and about 125lbs. Her mother says she was last seen on a regular summer day outside playing with friends.

Lets get this to the news. HELP FIND DESTINY CRAWFORD.
If you or anyone have any information about this missing individual please contact


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