Montana teacher Serves 1 Month sentence for raping 14 year old Student

Montana teacher serves 1 month sentence for raping student, 14 year old Cherice Moralez who later committed suicide.
Although Stacey Dean Rambold is on probation for the next 14 years and 11 months, he’s technically still a free man. Is that exactly fair? Should a ravisher become a free individual after only serving 31 days behind bars?
Stacey Rambold’s only restrictions include not going to places where children congregate and not having a cell phone with photo, video or internet capabilities. Cherice Morales was raped in 2008 before committing suicide and also before trial.
Her mother says… “I hope I don’t see him, that would be horrible,” she said “I didn’t see him for the first six years. I didn’t see him until the courtroom.” But she says that someday she hopes she will be able to forgive him. “I could be miserable for the rest of my life,” she said, “but that wouldn’t do my other kids any good.”

The judge who gave Stacey Rambold the okay to be released from prison after 31 days later apologized for making a smart remark to the Moralez family. People are shocked and angry with the judges (Baugh) remarks and are working hard to get him out of office for his foolish behavior. Protestors claim “Baugh isn’t worthy of serving a high position to be a judge in the courtroom if he is now releasing convicts!”
They’re not giving up. The family, friends, and even outsiders want JUSTICE for Cherice Moralez, and won’t give up until justice is served. Halon (the mother) said…
“The pain of my daughter’s death hasn’t faded. I think we just get use to it so we don’t cry everyday,” she said, but the tears still came.




The inside scoop on Cambri Bryant

During my interview with Cambri Bryant on September 13, 2013 she was very cooperative. Cambri Bryant is a very intelligent individual.

As one of the MVP’s on the Dusable Girls Volley Ball team Cambri Bryant must get good grades and keep a low profile. Cambri is currently maintaining a 3.5 GPA, which proves she’s a very smart and dedicated individual. She’s 16 years old and is in the 11th grade. Yes, she’s a star volley ball player, but she must always put her academics first. Her grades has not yet hindered her performance on the court however, Cambri does stay up until 1-2am most night doing homework because of volley ball practice. Cambri states, “Volley Ball does make me tired, but I still plan on playing in college.” She’s been playing volley ball since 7th and 8th grade. This is Cambri’s first year playing Volley ball in High School.

There are plenty of options Cambri Bryant will have for college, but she says she’s looking coward towards attending UCLA, Princeton or Duke. Those three school are all amazing choices, and I’m pretty sure that their volley ball teams are amazing as well. Cambri has participated in 4 of the Dusable Girls Volley ball team winning games. Cambri says strategies to win their games are “Calling the Boss,” which is code for communicating with her teammates. She also says that she controls the ball during the games which helps lead them towards their victory. Including Cambri there are 4 MVP’s of the Dusable Girls Volley ball team. Lashonda Puckett, Ashely who attends (DHW) and Brianna who also attends (DHW). The Dusable Girls

Volley ball team has been on an outstanding winning streak since school has began, lets hope that this continues. But you’ve heard it first! The inside scoop on Cambri Bryant and the Dusable Girls Volley Ball team!




Mikeya Hardin

Breaking News

Hi, today it is now September 9, 2013 there has been a 16 year old name by the name of “Destiny Crawford” who has been missing since August 30th, 2013. It had been 10 days since Destiny has been missing and there has been no news reports on not one single news channel. Destiny’s mother “Melissa Crawford” has been desperately trying to seek attention via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to let people know that her child is missing. The news has not said anything about Destiny, could it be a racial issue?
There has been many complaints on Instagram by concerned teens wondering why Destiny’s face hasn’t yet to appear on the news channels. Destiny’s picture went viral on the Internet… But still no news report, even I have started to get worried.
The 16 year old girls has what they call kinky braids, light skin, 5’4″ and about 125lbs. Her mother says she was last seen on a regular summer day outside playing with friends.

Lets get this to the news. HELP FIND DESTINY CRAWFORD.
If you or anyone have any information about this missing individual please contact





My name is Mikeya Hardin and I am a senior at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute. I am interested in a lot of things, but I’m most interested in going to parties, sleeping and helping others. I want to accomplish so many things but I really want to accomplish my goal of just being successful. I want to write about different music, events and things going on around the school. I am really looking  forward to attending Bradley University in the fall. I can’t wait to experience the college life and be on my own. I love the person that I am becoming and “my main focus is to remain focused.”